Article VIII - Committees

Article VIII


Section 1
Appointment: The President of the Board of Directors shall appoint standing and, as necessary, ad hoc committees of the Board of Directors. Membership of such committees shall be limited to individual members of the Corporation in good standing or duly appointed voting delegates of institutional members of the Corporation in good standing. All committees shall be chaired by a current member of the Board of Directors. All committees shall be charged with such duties as dictated by the bylaws and/or policies of the Corporation or as determined by the President.

Section 2
The President, President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer and Secretary shall constitute the Executive Committee for the purposes of carrying out the Corporation's business between board meetings. The President shall chair the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Executive Committee meetings. A quorum shall be considered to be three of the five members of the Executive Committee for the purpose of conducting the Corporation's business. Decisions shall be by consensus and all actions shall be reported to the full Board of Directors at the next Board meeting.

Section 3
Strategic Planning and Policy Committee: The Strategic Planning and Policy Committee shall be responsible for an annual review and evaluation of the Corporation's Mission Statement and Strategic Plan. The Strategic Planning and Policy Committee will also present the Corporation's position on matters of public interest relating to transfusion medicine and related endeavors within New York State. Committee membership is limited to the President, Past-President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 4
Membership/Nominations Committee: The Membership/Nominations Committee shall be responsible for developing policies to promote active growth of the Corporation's membership. The committee shall also be responsible for submitting a slate of nominees to fill officer positions as well as vacancies on the Board and the position of Newsletter Editor.

Section 5
Education Committee: The Education Committee shall be responsible for the planning and execution of education events for the benefit of the membership.

Section 6
Communications Committee: The Communications Committee shall consist of the Chair, Editor of the Newsletter, Newsletter Submissions Coordinator, Website Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator and other members. The Chair must be a member of the Board of Directors. The Committee is responsible for production of the quarterly newsletter, oversight of the website and generation of other forms of communication (i.e. Social Media) with the general membership. The President can appoint additional Coordinator positions as new forms of communication are developed.

Section 7
Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall assist the Treasurer in the oversight of all financial affairs of the Corporation.

Section 8
Annual Meeting Planning Committee: Since the location of the annual meeting changes annually, composition of the Planning Committee will also change annually. The Chairperson shall be a current board member and shall be appointed by the President.
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